Current activities:

We are a charitable children institution caring for the less fortune, vulnerable and poor orphaned children in Mombasa.

The institution is along shelly Beach Road in Likoni Majengo Mapya in Coast Prpvince.

Our vision and mission is to come up with formidable ways to assist orphaned and poor children through provision of primary necessities aiming to attain a nation where children become self reliant future leaders.

Comoc is targeting to take care of over 80 children but currently we only have 17 children both boys and girls.

We attend to their daily needs through soliciting funds or assistances in the form of donations, gifts and money or in the form of materials from charitable donor communities, international organizations, friendly visiting volunteers, well wishers and local community.

Some of the basic needs that we address our self to are:

(a) Shelter in form of house rent at cost of Ksh. 20,000 per month.

(b) Food provision at cost of Apx Ksh. 60,000.

(c) Clothing both local and school uniforms.

(d) Education Through attaining sponsorship for each child.

(e) Medication Provision of hospital bill for each child on a yearly basis.

(f) Counseling Through spiritual guidance and other necessary available machineries.


To make our vision and mission a reality, we need to acquire 5 acres of land for structural developments and subsistence farming for extra food for children.

After acquisition of land, the following structural developments shall be put to effect.

1. Building of two dormitories for boys and girls.

2. Dining hall and kitchen .

3. Toilets and bathrooms .

4. Rooms for workers.

5. Administration block.

6. Wages (gratuity) for 6 workers